The Studio

The Studio


In October 2022, I accomplished one of my biggest dreams: opening this studio space. My first studio space was located in Watertown, but this September (2023) the studio has moved into my new home in Lake Mills, WI. It also got an updated look!  

Are you a fellow photographer looking for a new spot to bring your clients?! I opened my studio to have my own space where I could create magic, but the more I thought of it, the more I wanted to share this beautiful spot with others! I love seeing what other artist create in the studio. The studio is a mix of modern and vintage vibes which is definitely unique. Located right between Milwaukee and Madison, it's is the perfect spot for your next session or day of mini's! 

With vaulted ceilings, lots of windows, white walls, multiple furniture setups, and a beautiful statement fireplace, the studio is a perfect spot for your next session. 

Are you a creative who has been searching for a space just like this one? You can host your next passion project or client session in my studio. Below are the rates for photographers and other creatives to rent the studio - if you are a client of another photographer please have them reach out to do the rental agreement. 

Studio Rates:
1 Hour - $60
2 Hours - $105
4 Hours - $200
8 Hours - $350

*time to setup/cleanup is included in your booked time so please plan your rental accordingly

How to book? Just fill out the contact form below to rent the studio in I will be in touch shortly.

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I created my studio because I wanted a space that was my aesthetic but also always a space that I could go to create magic! If you're a fellow creative now you can enjoy it too!! Click below to learn more about renting the studio space!


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I created my studio not only as a space that represents my aesthetic but also as a blank canvas that I can use to create magic! NOW, you can too!!

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